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Hey Beautiful people!

Everytime my birthday comes around, it feels like a ‘new year’ for me; in some ways it is.


There’s this feeling of ‘newness’, heck i’d even call it respawning. I feel like, no feel is not the word; i know i’ve come back better, stronger, smarter, more aware, more ‘IB’ if you wish. After school yesterday, i went out with a couple of friends for frozen Yoghurt at Yogurberry, GRA 2, (i have to do a review soon, i like the place and the Yoghurt of course) and lunch. Nothing ‘over-the-top’ cause we had a test we had to prepare for and so returned to school in time.

I want to apologize right now for the low quality photos, this post wasn’t planned but seeing as i’ve stayed away for so long and was really happy to get back to writing again and sharing some parts of my life with you, i had to put this up.

It’s a ‘new year’ and so i’ll try to be more consistent (yes i know i’ve said that before) with the posts; i have a ‘plan’. I’ll start with a post or two a week and maybe pick it up from there depending on my schedule. I do not like to stay away too long from writing, trust me.





I’ll be better.


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Stay hydrated, stay healthy and have an amazing weekend!

Xx, Ib.