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Look Book: Number T Women Accessories 2015/2016 Collection. 

Hey Beautiful People!

It has been a minute; I know, I know. The important thing is, I’m here now. Today. In this moment. *grins*

Good people, I’m pretty sure you’d nod your head in agreement when I say (or write) that our outfits are not really complete without a complementary accessory or two. And shoes, of course (Leave the shoe lover be).

Number T accessories deals in Unique handmade and also exclusive (I say this because, no one piece is like the next) fascinators, ponchos, capes and other accessories. Also, the Lookbook of their premiere collection for 2015/2016 was released recently and I trust you’d love it as much as I did- still do-  when I first saw a picture of one. The only thing I do not like about these photos is the way the watermark (big font too) is sprawled across the photos.

Here’s the rest of the collection below; enjoy…


I have two personal favorites from the collection; This black bow-shaped one right here. 


And this purple one with the peacock feather right here. Purple is  one of my favorite colours and this is a beautiful piece. Argue in the comment session.

Lookbook Credits

Photography and Makeup: Arcelle Media

Styling: Zinny Styles Ltd. 

Models: Thelma Numbere and Esther Nweje

For more infomation, please contact:  08148398198 or 08081162998


Stockist Details: Address: 20 Peremabiri Street, Dline.

Did i mention they are based in the beautiful city of PortHarcourt? You know how I’m all about supporting and putting the word out there for our own. *winks*

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the collection in the comment section, we’d love to hear from you.
Have an amazing weekend people, I know I will. 😉



Day Creations Presents Lookbook For Debut Collection: ’13-Thirteen’ [Colour Me Handsome]

Hey Guys!!!

The first time i met the young designer Daniel Ayanate, early last  year, i would never have guessed that a collection like this was in the works but hey, 2014 was a good year for a lot of people.

Before our first meet,  i had seen a couple of photographs of some of his shirts and it is almost impossible to miss the play with colour (bright daring colours i must add) and prints.



Day Creations (formerly known as Day Couture), as a fashion brand was first established in 2011 but had its first store opening in 2014 in Port Harcourt City, Rivers State, Nigeria.

He says about the brand and the inspiration behind this collection,

“We make pieces for the everyday person (male and female) who is not afraid to be styled apart, we undertake both English and native wears, ready to wear, bespoke and haute couture etc.”

“This collection being my debut was inspired out of my infallible love for prints, so most of the pieces had a touch of a print of all kinds that spoke to me . The name ’13-Thirteen’ was coined from my birth date which is 13th may, being my first day on the planet so I decided to name the debut collection after it,lol.”

View the rest of the collection below…

IMG_20141229_125828                                                                                               This is one of my favourite looks from the collection. It just screams comfort and if as a guy, you’re not one to dress up in bright yellow or green, i think this is safe enough.



I have a thing for paisley print and i honestly think this will work if worn as separates.



I love how he worked the horizontal and vertical lines on the collar, the cuff of both sleeves and on the shirt.




IMG_20141229_131743                                                                                              I like how he switched up the regular striped fabric of the Jackets’ lapel for print but i think they are a little too big but hey, that’s just my take on that.

IMG_20141229_120942                                                                                              I Like this look, very simple. Maybe it’s the angle at which the models’ neck is inclined but i don’t get the collar; looks like a combo of a peter pan/bishops’ collar.





Like this shirt and the pleat detailing on either side of the buttons that run down the middle of the shirt.





Overall, i think the pieces are simple, basic and they do alright for a debut from a young designer.

Contact Details:
*Twitter – @Daniel_ayanate @daycreationsco
*Instagram – @Daniel_ayanate @day_creations                                                                                      *Mail –
*+2347088405410 +2347036300728
STOCKISTS:                                                                                                                        –
In the spirit of St. Valentines’ Day, i wish you love and peace all through the year.

XOXO,                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Ib.


Hey Guys!!! Happy New Year! I know  i haven’t put up anything in a while (and no, i didn’t loose my blogging mojo 😉  ), school and a lot of other things had me for what was left of last year and all through to January this year. eclothes   eclothes  is a New online store based in Nigeria, officially launched in 2014. There is so much glee in my pretty little heart as i write this because i have watched and prayed and waited for the opening of a Nigerian e-clothing store with its main warehouse in Port Harcourt; even considered opening one of mine. Eclothes’ aim is to provide Nigerians an outlet for most/all of their fashion needs. The store promises to offer shoppers with items and pieces for both male and female alike, from popular international high street brands and also local designers from Nigeria and across Africa. Payment can be made online, by bank transfer and then for shoppers who would rather receive their items before they make payments, there is the option of Pay on Delivery so they can be fully satisfied with their merchandise before they make any final commitments. More details about Payment, shipping and delivery are on their site. A lot of things are still in the works and i hope that with time, they’ll have most of e-shopping figured out. Happy Shopping and do remember to check out the site the chance you get, i’m pretty sure you’ll see something that appeals to you and if you don’t, give it time, life is in stages. 😉

Visit Site:

Have a blessed week ahead! XOXO, Ib.


Hey hey!

The biggest shopping season of the year is here again.


Ecommerce is growing pretty fast in Nigeria, that’s a really good thing. Also, we (Nigerians and Africans alike) are quickly adopting a lot of holidays celebrated by a lot of countries around the world, especially holidays from the USA and UK.

Last Month, i watched Nigerians dress up and throw parties to celebrate Halloween (a good number of people do not know the significance of these holidays). Don’t get me wrong, i’ve always liked to dress up since i could walk; as i write this, i can’t help but wonder how many Nigerians, here in Nigeria celebrated Thanksgiving with the rest of the world.

Oh well! Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving and it is so called because of the traffic caused by shoppers and the violence that would take place, sometimes. Cyber Monday is basically the Monday that follows Black Friday.  Black Friday sales can last the whole weekend up until Cyber Monday depending on the retailer.

Here are my favorite sales, as well as my favorite pieces at retailers that ship within and to Nigeria. Enjoy!

ASOS  asos skater skirt  in metallic floral  asos river island bag

*Enter CYBERWKND20 at checkout to receive 20% off order. Ends 08:00 GMT on Tuesday 2nd December.




Fresh Air and other Stories by Reward Nsirim   aerobic dumbell 








SHUKU PINK STRIPE  Nsibidi GOLD - Root Short Sleeves tee




Purple Flowery signature bag
handheld sweing machine    waterproof
 sharp tv  sharp phone
Visit the closest SPAR outlet to you to get these deals.
I trust that you’ll find deals to your taste!
If you guys know of any other stores that i missed out, kindly let us know about it in the comment section. We would love to hear from you! 😀
Have a great weekend!
Xx, Ib.

OOTD: Kath X 1004

Hey beautiful people!

I’ve been having a wonderful day so far, my side of the world; I can onlŷ hope yours is going as beautiful as mine is.


I realised I haven’t put up a personal style post in a while; I can’t say why but this Allen and Fifth Tee was giving me ‘LIFE’ and so I made the decision to put up this post at about midday.

I payed a visit to my family friend today at 1004 Estate and had her help out with photographs, she did a good job.

Here goes…





My lovely Tee is from Giddimint [Wonderful Customer Service]

My jeans are asos

Shoes are from a store. Similar here and here

Hat is also asos

As the day gradually progresses, Make a conscious effort to be a better version of who or what you were when the sun rose this morning. Thou shalt do this daily, hehe. 😀

Don’t forget to stay hydrated, keep your hands clean and get at least 5 hours of sleep every night(if you’re sooooo busy) and if you’re not, try and get in at least 7 hours.

Stay awesome,