Look Book: Number T Women Accessories 2015/2016 Collection. 

Hey Beautiful People!

It has been a minute; I know, I know. The important thing is, I’m here now. Today. In this moment. *grins*

Good people, I’m pretty sure you’d nod your head in agreement when I say (or write) that our outfits are not really complete without a complementary accessory or two. And shoes, of course (Leave the shoe lover be).

Number T accessories deals in Unique handmade and also exclusive (I say this because, no one piece is like the next) fascinators, ponchos, capes and other accessories. Also, the Lookbook of their premiere collection for 2015/2016 was released recently and I trust you’d love it as much as I did- still do-  when I first saw a picture of one. The only thing I do not like about these photos is the way the watermark (big font too) is sprawled across the photos.

Here’s the rest of the collection below; enjoy…


I have two personal favorites from the collection; This black bow-shaped one right here. 


And this purple one with the peacock feather right here. Purple is  one of my favorite colours and this is a beautiful piece. Argue in the comment session.

Lookbook Credits

Photography and Makeup: Arcelle Media

Styling: Zinny Styles Ltd. 

Models: Thelma Numbere and Esther Nweje

For more infomation, please contact:  08148398198 or 08081162998

Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/NumberTAccessories

Stockist Details: Address: 20 Peremabiri Street, Dline.

Did i mention they are based in the beautiful city of PortHarcourt? You know how I’m all about supporting and putting the word out there for our own. *winks*

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the collection in the comment section, we’d love to hear from you.
Have an amazing weekend people, I know I will. 😉




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