ASOS Delivers To Nigeria

Hey Beautiful People!

This is coming later than ‘usual’ but, Happy New Year!!! 😀

I’m sorry i’ve been away for a while (and NO, i didn’t loose my blogging/writing mojo rolleyes 🙄 ), i had professional exams and i didn’t want any distractions. The sacrifice was worth it, God crowned my hard work with success and i am now in my fourth year in Med school.

And more importantly, i’m back!!! 😉 Oh, how i’ve missed writing for y’all.

asos Logo

I’ve received a number of mails concerning how i place my order(s) on ASOS  so I’ll just run through it in this post. There’s no need to fret, it’s pretty easy.

Shopping                                                                                                        Shopping on asos, whether it’s their mobile site or the full web site, is simple. There’s easy navigation and a variety of brands and designers to pick from. You can filter and streamline your search to a range that suits you, checking off color, size, length, etc. You will also need an internationally accepted Master or VISA card; i have used UBA and GTBank Matser Cards and they’ve worked just fine. At checkout, you’ll need to enter the name on the card, the card number, the card expiry date and the card cvv code which is the last three numbers found on the back of card.
Delivery                                                                                                                ASOS delivers to Nigeria and they currently offer two types of delivery options; the standard delivery which is absolutely free and takes up to about 9 working days (if you live in Lagos) or 10-12 working days (if you live in Port Harcourt) and then there is the express delivery which costs about £20 and takes up to 4 working days (for Lagos Residents) and 5 working days (for Port Harcourt Residents).

The first time i placed an order below £100, it took me about a Month+ to find it, i had to pick it up my self from NIPOST and they explained that the reason it wasn’t delivered directly to my house was because there was no phone number for communication. Anyways, after that one time, it never happened again. They always deliver to my house (oh, i had to write down my phone no so they call before delivering the package), except when i decide to pick it up myself. Basically, orders below £100 do not get a tracking number so do well to locate a branch of NIPOST with your zip code as one of their areas of jurisdiction before placing any such orders.

I’ve not yet tried their express delivery but i have placed orders above £100 and they deliver via a different postal agency, SKYNET. You get a tracking number too and you get to pay ‘small change’ for customs, on delivery (depending on the size of your package). I haven’t paid anything higher than N2000 for customs though.

–  I think there’s an exception to this ‘£100 delivery thingy’. There was this one time i got a few pairs of shoes and some other things and it was about £77 in total but SKYNET delivered it to me in about 4/5 days. I was surprised but also super elated with the prompt delivery. (who knows, ASOS might have noticed this ‘faithful customer from Nigeria’ and decided to be nice OR there is an exception to their rule)

Here are some items i’ve gotten from the store

crepe   newlook flat      anchor braceletvintage drop earrings*rimmer londonSeedbead tube asos mini satchel

Not everything appears the way it does on the site, although i’ve loved everything i’ve gotten from them and not had any cause to return anything.                                         Also, it’s not just female items they have; there’s a male division of the store.
I hope this was helpful, kindly share your asos experience in the comments section below and let us know if you’ll be shopping from asos soon.

Have a lovely week!

XOXO, Ibimina.


18 thoughts on “ASOS Delivers To Nigeria”

    1. Thanks a lot, Harold; I totally forgot.There’s an ongoing sale of up to 70% off some brands like Oasis, Warehouse, etc… on the site. This ‘Awoof’ is valid for a limited time only. 😉

  1. I’m yet to shop there myself, but my cousin has gotten some great shoes and wrist watches at affordable prices delivered straight to him. Guess it’s time I checked it out myself.

  2. hello catherine, I made orders on Asos also,wasnt sure of delivery so i dint let my order exceed £30,it was due for delivery in Abuja on 1st April, i havent gotten the parcel yet. I contacted them and they said i should allow another 14 days for postal/custom delays. If i they deliver then i can trust their service over here.

    1. Hi, i’m having a similar challenge. Placed a £149 order to be delivered to lagos on the 1st of April but i’m yet to receive it till today the 11th. Don’t even know how to go about it

      1. Hi Buckie, i experienced a delay too the last time i shopped on ASOS and they couldn’t give me a concrete reason for it so i can’t say for sure if it’s from them or from our own postal service or if it’s ‘custom-clearance’ related. Is this your first time shopping on ASOS too?

      2. Hi, i finally got a random call from a lady who asked me to come to Nipost in Apapa, Lagos to pick up my order. Ironically, it had been delivered on time to the Post Office. Anyway, it was all intact & as awesome as it was on d site. Thanks

    2. Hello Ter. Is this your first time shopping on ASOS? If that’s a yes, you may need to visit the NIPOST office around you to pick it up. It’s already past 14days, i believe your order should be in your state by now.

  3. Hi iibeez, I have the same problem here my order was supposed to be delivered in kogi state by May 8th but up till this moment I am yet receive it after several visits to the post office.

  4. What is the different between paying for Express Delivery Services and the free stand services, since you end up going to NIPOST to pick up your stuff. Is there any different between the two services when the good s arrives Nigeria?

    1. Hi Gina, i pick up my order from NIPOST because i want to, otherwise, they bring it to my house. With the express delivery service, your order arrives earlier than the standard order service and yes, they bring it to your doorstep.

  5. Hi, tnx so much 4 dis update. It really helps to knw dat u don’t hv 2 wait 4 Nipost door to door delivery service wen d date of delivery is nt achieved. Dis is my first asos order, wen d dey of my delivery comes, I will jst go to a Nipost office close to me bcos I can’t offord 2 wait extra time or days. Tnx

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