Current Shoe Craving: Louboutin Collection of Color-Match Pumps For All Skin Tones

Hey Darlns!

I do hope your weekend has been splendid and you’re all well rested to take on the new week ahead… πŸ˜€

Now, Christian Louboutin is a name ‘everyone’ knows, literally. I mean, you see a fashionista or a dapper dude’s rear view and you can’t miss the signature ‘red sole’. 😎

I already told you how much i love shoes here (well, maybe not enough). I love these shoes not because they are ‘designer’; i love them because they are beautiful, classy, sophisticated and chic. There’s a pair for ANY and EVERY woman!

Anyways, i’ll get right down to it. Christian Louboutin has unveiled another collection of these red-soled pumps that are designed to β€œdisappear like magic and become a fluid extension of [the leg].”


The range will offer their Pigalle, Fifi, Simple, Vendome, and Flo styles in shades from the fairest of fair to the deepest tones that women happen to come in.Β In order to find your perfect match, Louboutin has created an app allowing users to find their shade by taking a photo of their foot. (How cool is that?!) πŸ˜€


The collection is due to hit stores this month. Lord bless the time of day Louboutin came up with this! Most women don’t fall into the pinkish-beige shade retailers and ‘those who seem to have a say’ in the industry inaccurately describe as β€œnude”. It’s so nice to see an established and quality shoe brand, that every woman loves πŸ˜‰ , attempting to accommodate more women who might want the nude look, but are too fair or too dark for most of the options provided in the market today.


Lord, be a provider for this young woman with a meager allowance so that she can own a pair of these beauties, AMEN. Can i get an Amen, people? lol πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

So which of you awesome ladies is gonna get one? Or which of you fly young men is gonna get one for that wonderful woman in your life? πŸ˜‰



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