Gold Tips And A New Beginning

Hey beautiful people!!! How are you all doing today?

Last week Saturday, the 28th of September 2013 was the beginning of a new phase in the life of my kid brother. πŸ˜€

He just rounded up his primary school education and is moving on up to secondary school.


He’s as handsome as can be, isn’t he? It was quite an emotional day for all of us; mom cried, He cried and i cried [in the privacy of my room and with my pillow as the only witness πŸ˜‰ 😦  πŸ˜₯ ]. I’m really going to miss him around the house et all.

I wore a green Ralph Lauren shirt, dark blue denim jeggings and a pair of miago black flat with gold tips.




Oooh, Gold tips! My feet felt ‘precious’. πŸ˜€


Nigeria’s 53rd independence was celebrated nationwide and worldwide by Nigerians in diaspora, yesterday the 1st of October, 2013.

Lets raise a glass to many more beautiful years of growth all round! Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Gold Tips And A New Beginning”

  1. Awww! You guys must be really close. I hope he’s settling down well. He’s almost as tall as you.

    … And happy (belated) Independence day to you too. Many in the diaspora will officially be celebrating this weekend.

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