RE-POST: “The Not-So-Blind Followers”.

Hey hey!!! How are you all doing? I do hope your day went smoothly ’cause mine was just right.

I wasn’t born when the fashion industry was birthed and started growing; i was born to meet it about a decade and some years ago.

With time i have developed my own style and I’m still open to critics and more ideas because i am still growing and discovering myself.

I believe fashion trends are there to sorta guide us, however some people still follow the trends blindly.

My friend, Godwin wrote an article that was published in , and i thought it nice to share with you guys… I hope you find it an interesting read cause i did. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€

“The Not-So-Blind Followers.”

By on September 24, 2013 11:55 am in Fashion & Style / 2 comments

By Godwin Lloyd

Walking down the streets of Abuja (Nigeriaโ€™s capital city), one would notice the high alternating fashion styles, nice cars, and its partial organization.ย I had just rounded up church service and was so happy, that I decided to take a stroll home. It was a mildly sunny Sunday and I was all smiles until I saw her and I was like โ€œNo, she didnโ€™tโ€ฆ.โ€ I mean, โ€œhow could she?โ€ I said in my mind trying not to yell.

She was beautiful, gorgeous, curvy in all the right places, et ceteraโ€ฆ you name it, and Iโ€™m sure she had her own sense of style. She must have decided to take a stroll too that day, but that was a very wrong move. She wore a GUCCI bag, a LOUIS VUITTON belt and a VALENTINO slippers; those were obvious from where I stood.

These were meant to match, but something was wrong somewhere, it wasnโ€™t her dress, it wasnโ€™t her face, it wasnโ€™t her hair, it wasnโ€™t her leg and it definitely wasnโ€™t her figure. This was a FITTING ERROR, so I had to take a closer look to investigate.

Getting closer, I even admired her, and the dress more; there was just a misunderstanding between the two of them and more so, I had seen this dress on the runway before and I know how edgy it looked there. This totally knocked-off the edge to ordinary.

I just had ask her; โ€ WHY?โ€; she was nice enough to answer โ€œI know, rightโ€ฆโ€ Then she went further to say โ€ I loved the dress too much but couldnโ€™t find it in my size, so I had to compromise.โ€

Asking her how she felt wearing it she said โ€œshe felt okayโ€ but I could see that she was โ€œnot too comfortable.โ€
Asked her for a photo and she declined, sure we all know why (sure she knew there was something wrong).ย Iv been to many shoots, fashion events/shows and model dress fittings but I think the FITTING part is an important yet ignored part in the industry.
Sometime ago, I watched one of my favorite programs THE DOCTORS TV show and they featured this woman who had cut off her last toe bone just so her legs would fit in a shoe.. This was medically unsafe and morally/humanly just not right.

Now, I ask, WHOโ€™S FAULT IS THIS?ย Is it the DESIGNERSโ€™ for having mostly fixed sizes on showcase?

Is it the MODELS, for walking the runway and making us believe all dresses must be worn in a certain way?

Is it the CONSUMERSโ€™; for blindly following the trend without being logical; for allowing themselves to be deceived/ coerced/ convinced?


Godwin Lloyd is the CEO of Stylish9ja and blogs at ffย  @stylish9ja

Coco Chanel

I’ll leave you with these wise words from the iconic style and fashion figure, Coco Chanel.

Coco Chanel – “Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.”


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