Picture-perfect memories from the just concluded PUMSA/PUMGRADA DInner.





Err, the wind became fierce so i had to walk off the ‘Red Carpet’ to save My dress and I.


The MC was really, really hilarious. Oh, and he didn’t know when i took this photo. :-D

Have a Lovely week ahead guys!

Dress: similar, Shoes: here, similar, Clutch: similar.


P.S.                                                                                                                                                                                      This post is about 10 days late.


Hello All!


I hope your short holiday/Easter celebration was splendid and you’re ready to get back to ‘hustling’.  Okay, that being said, I Love Books.

I Love Books and I Love Reading (something I forgot to put here) Reading is already a part of my lifestyle and my current Major in the University seeks better ways to reinforce this, daily.

Port Harcourt was chosen to be UNESCOs’ world Book capital City for the year 2014, this makes me sooooo HAPPY because at a time, i thought Lagos and Abuja were the only cities in Nigeria the rest of the World noticed/saw and was interested in.

“World Book Capital is a title bestowed by UNESCO to a city in recognition of the quality of its programs to promote books and reading and the dedication of all players in the book industry.

The designation runs from UNESCO’s World Book and Copyright Day (April 23) of one year until April 22 of the following year.”

The opening Ceremony programme will kick off on the 22nd of April 2014, but the main opening ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday 23rd April, which is the United Nations (UN) World Book and Copyright Day.It is a week long event that’ll end on the 26th of April at Hotel Presidential, 9am to 6pm daily. You can register here.


“The city of Port Harcourt was chosen “on account of the quality of its programme, in particular its focus on youth and the impact it will have on improving Nigeria’s culture of books, reading, writing and publishing to improve literacy rates,” according to the Selection Committee.”

The theme for this year is ‘Books: Windows to our World of Possibilities’.
Each day of the Opening Ceremonies week is named after a prolific Nigerian Author; so #Day1 is called Elechi Amadi’s Day.

There will also be book reviews and discussions for each month.                                              -April Book of the Month is Chinua Achebe’s Arrow of God. 

chi-ache-aog-botm-april-new                                                                                      -May Book of the Month is The Great Ponds By Elechi Amadi.

-June Book of the Month is Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s This Child Will Be Great.

-July Book of the Month is Ake: the years of childhood by Akinwande oluwole ‘Wole’ Soyinka.

-August Book of the Month is Tomorrow died yesterday by Chimeka Garricks.

-September Book of the Month is CChimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus.

I would really love to be there -of course when school permits me- even if it’s on only one of the days.

If you are currently in Port Harcourt or not and will be attending, kindly let us know in the comment section below; you could even help us (those who may not be able to attend) keep to tabs with the progress of the event. ;-)

Oh and by the way, Port Harcourt is the 14th city to be designated World Book Capital following Madrid (2001), Alexandria (2002), New Delhi (2003), Antwerp (2004), Montreal (2005), Turin (2006), Bogota (2007), Amsterdam (2008), Beirut (2009), Ljubljana (2010), Buenos Aires (2011), Yerevan (2012) and Bangkok (2013).




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‘Blood and Bones’ -Nigerian Design Label iamISIGO presents its Spring/Summer 2014 Collection LookBook

Hi Everyone!                                                                                                            With the commencement of the various Fashion weeks (New York, London, Milan and Paris…) around the world and some African Designers like David Tlale representing the continent, some of ours still stay inspired to bring us new and refreshing collections that may not necessarily go with the release of seasonal collections i.e. Fall, Winter by other Designers around the world.


The iamISIGO blood and bones ss14 collection was inspired by the concept of exploring and celebrating the human body through a unique combination of colours, style and self examination. The label’s creative director Bubu Ogisi completed a line inspired by the inner workings of the human body.

“A collection created while I was pregnant, my body went through so many changes. My “blood” and my “bones” were creating another being, my son. My body inspired me to create a collection that reflects my innermost workings.”  – Bubu Ogisi


iamisigoss14 (1)

iamisigoss14 (4)

Artistic director and fashion consultant, Bubu Ogisi, established iamISIGO in 2009. Bubu Ogisi has a BSc in Computer Science and an MA in Fashion Business from ESMOD (l’EcoleSupérieure des Arts et techniques de la Mode), Paris.

iamisigoss14 (5)

iamisigoss14 (2)

iamisigoss14 (3)

Lookbook Credits

Photography: Lakin Ogunbanwo

Makeup: Jide Adedeji

Styling: Bubu Ogisi for BOFC

Model: Ndidi Odogwu

For more information, please contact iamISIGO:
Email: bubuiamisigo@gmail.com
Twitter: @iamISIGO
Phone Numbers: +2348034087789 +233246553835 +33689344447

Stockist Details:

-The Chine Machine: 100 Rue des Martyrs, Paris

-L’espace: 19a Olosa street off Karimu Kotun, Victoria Island, Lagos.

-Grey Velvet: Ikeja Mall, Lagos

-Grey Velvet: Centro Lekki Mall Lekki phase 1, Lagos.


ASOS Delivers To Nigeria

Hey Beautiful People!

This is coming later than ‘usual’ but, Happy New Year!!! :-D

I’m sorry i’ve been away for a while (and NO, i didn’t loose my blogging/writing mojo rolleyes :roll: ), i had professional exams and i didn’t want any distractions. The sacrifice was worth it, God crowned my hard work with success and i am now in my fourth year in Med school.

And more importantly, i’m back!!! ;-) Oh, how i’ve missed writing for y’all.

asos Logo

I’ve received a number of mails concerning how i place my order(s) on ASOS  so I’ll just run through it in this post. There’s no need to fret, it’s pretty easy.

Shopping                                                                                                        Shopping on asos, whether it’s their mobile site or the full web site, is simple. There’s easy navigation and a variety of brands and designers to pick from. You can filter and streamline your search to a range that suits you, checking off color, size, length, etc. You will also need an internationally accepted Master or VISA card; i have used UBA and GTBank Matser Cards and they’ve worked just fine. At checkout, you’ll need to enter the name on the card, the card number, the card expiry date and the card cvv code which is the last three numbers found on the back of card.
Delivery                                                                                                                ASOS delivers to Nigeria and they currently offer two types of delivery options; the standard delivery which is absolutely free and takes up to about 9 working days (if you live in Lagos) or 10-12 working days (if you live in Port Harcourt) and then there is the express delivery which costs about £20 and takes up to 4 working days (for Lagos Residents) and 5 working days (for Port Harcourt Residents).

- The first time i placed an order below £100, it took me about a Month+ to find it, i had to pick it up my self from NIPOST and they explained that the reason it wasn’t delivered directly to my house was because there was no phone number for communication. Anyways, after that one time, it never happened again. They always deliver to my house (oh, i had to write down my phone no so they call before delivering the package), except when i decide to pick it up myself. Basically, orders below £100 do not get a tracking number so do well to locate a branch of NIPOST with your zip code as one of their areas of jurisdiction before placing any such orders.

- I’ve not yet tried their express delivery but i have placed orders above £100 and they deliver via a different postal agency, SKYNET. You get a tracking number too and you get to pay ‘small change’ for customs, on delivery (depending on the size of your package). I haven’t paid anything higher than N2000 for customs though.

I think there’s an exception to this ‘£100 delivery thingy’. There was this one time i got a few pairs of shoes and some other things and it was about £77 in total but SKYNET delivered it to me in about 4/5 days. I was surprised but also super elated with the prompt delivery. (who knows, ASOS might have noticed this ‘faithful customer from Nigeria’ and decided to be nice OR there is an exception to their rule)

Here are some items i’ve gotten from the store

crepe   newlook flat      anchor braceletvintage drop earrings*rimmer londonSeedbead tube asos mini satchel

Not everything appears the way it does on the site, although i’ve loved everything i’ve gotten from them and not had any cause to return anything.                                         Also, it’s not just female items they have; there’s a male division of the store.
I hope this was helpful, kindly share your asos experience in the comments section below and let us know if you’ll be shopping from asos soon.

Have a lovely week!

XOXO, Ibimina.